Thursday, November 7, 2013

Famous Women who Have Never Been Married (And As Far as I Know They're Straight!)

In a desperate attempt to defend the single cause, I researched famous women who have never been married. And as far as I know they're all straight! When I found this out, I felt better about myself. 

There's more than I thought:

Tyra Banks -- If you've seen her now: Does she look like an unattractive cat-obsessed lady to you? She's dated quite a bit and is now in a long-term relationship but has never yet sealed the deal. If I've done my math right, I figure she'll be 40 years old this December. As of 2012 she hasn't had any kids yet. 

Diane Keaton -- Now 67 and counting, she says, "The old maid myth is garbage." She keeps up her appearance, doesn't feel sorry for herself and believes that never being married has not made her life any less. She adopted two children at age 50. 

Sheryl Crow -- She's now 51. In 2007 and in 2010 she adopted two children. She's had several relationships over the years, but apparently didn't find the one yet. She raises her children in a family-friendly home 

Heather Graham -- She turned 43 this year (2013) and as far as I know she doesn't have any children -- or at least hasn't had any three years ago. She seems content with single life, but welcomes the possibility of meeting the one. 

And I include one who's single, never had kids but who's been married before: 

Jennifer Aniston -- No one would probably feel sorry for her if they knew she was single and over 40. She doesn't appear to have aged much since starring in Friends. How does she do it?! I included her on this list mainly because she never had biological children of her own and has been single for years -- ever since her divorce from Brad Pitt. She's now 44 and seeming to enjoy life for the most part. 

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