Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Straight Single Women with No Kids in their 30s to 40s Lowest on Totem Pole

Society is cruel to people. Anytime anyone can make another person feel bad about their position in life, they will. TV doesn't help much in this regard, either.

My Real Life Research

  I've been doing research on never married women over 40 looking for some hope that I'll not be judged by society once I turn 40, and it just doesn't look good Apparently, no matter how she was treated by an ex boyfriend, it's all her fault that she's single -- at least that's what I get out of this.Women are thought of as selfish, too into their jobs or too difficult for any man to be with if she's not married or having children by age 40. 

TV's Role in Placing Stigma on Older Single Women

What's worse, is TV shows slam older single women all the time. On 40 Rock, the woman who plays Liz is in her early 40s and apparently is still single because she's not willing to compromise for a man.  On The Exes, Holly might still be single in her 40s for a variety of reasons -- because she's afraid of rejection again, too tall, etc. In one episode, she pretends she's a lesbian just to escape the possibility of her mom disapproving of the fact she's single. 

Oh, and not to mention, of course women this age are probably single because no one is attracted to them, right? The older single women in these shows are always being competed against by the "young ones" and for the first time in my life it makes me super angry!

However, the one dig that hurts me the most is the one I saw on the Micheal J. Fox show recently:

Leigh, Mike's sister, sits on a bench next to two single moms. She says shes got a "lot going on" and the two women next to her see to empathize, only because they think she's a single mom. In order to save face, Leigh goes along with it to fit in and even uses her brother Mike's son to go on play dates with these women who think she's a single mom. 

Straight single women in their 30s and 40s seemed to be rated lower on the dating totem pole than the following:
  • Lesbians
  • Single moms
  • Married women
  • Younger women
So, I guess if I don't admit I'm gay, or I don't at least get knocked up by a man and be a single mom, I'm no good. Just some loser that no one wants, or selfish! What's this world coming to?! 
I guess society just needs one more person to pick on to feel better. Go ahead. Bring it on. In the end, you're the ones who will pay the price, because what goes around comes around. 

Before you judge:

Many of you on the brink of divorce were in such a rush to get married to someone who isn't right for you when you were younger. If you hadn't done that, it would've increased my chances of being with the one now. 

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